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If you’re considering selling your Mammoth Lakes home, you’ve probably gotten an earful of advice from anyone you’ve talked to. People often suggest expensive upgrades, costly renovations or pricey professional opinions, but this might not be the best use of your money.

You can sell your home quickly without doing a bunch of fancy fixer-upper projects. Here’s what I suggest to increase your home’s appeal to a wide variety of buyers without breaking the bank.

Improve the curb appeal.

It’s just as important to stage the outside of your Mammoth Lakes condo or house as the inside. If you’re selling a house, make sure the snow removal is well-managed in the winter and the landscaping well cared for in the summer. Consider pressure washing or even painting the exterior to make the best first impression. Clean all windows, doors and decks. If you’re selling a condo, freshen up the entry by cleaning the front door, putting out a new welcome mat and making sure the area leading up to the condo is free of clutter.

Lighten up the place.

Open all the windows, replace any burnt-out light bulbs, and consider adding outdoor lighting if you have a deck or patio. Sunlight pouring in makes a home feel airy, and interior lights give it a cozy glow. Keep your home lit until you go to bed in case potential buyers are driving or walking by. It’ll look cheery instead of dark, gloomy and vacant.

Store any unnecessary furniture and personal objects.

Less is more when it comes to showing your home — less to distract buyers and less for you to keep clean. Move any overly crowded furniture, and pick up any knickknacks, stacks of books, and kids artwork. Store it all while showing your house. Avoid stuffing things in closets since these will be shown to potential buyers too.

Give the inside a fresh coat of paint.

A new coat of paint freshens up any room, but stick to neutrals like warm grays and tans. Before choosing a color, make sure it looks good with the existing lighting in your home. If you painted any rooms in bright colors, consider repainting them with neutral colors. You don’t want buyers to get diverted from seeing the potential of your home by focusing on things they immediately want to change.

For more tips on selling your home, check out my Ultimate Home Seller’s Guide, or give me a call at (760) 914-4664.


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Great curb appeal not only makes your home the star of the neighborhood, it can also improve its value and help you sell it for more. Whether you’re thinking of listing your home or just want to make your home the envy of your neighbors, here are several ways to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Make your home’s exterior look like new.

For many potential buyers, the condition of the exterior of a home can offer clues to the condition of the interior. The first place to start when boosting curb appeal is the exterior of your house.

Pay attention to the small details.

The small details tie your home’s exterior together and help it stand out from others in the neighborhood.

Tend to your driveway and lawn.

Well-landscaped homes may sell for between 5.5% and 12.7% more than other similar homes and studies show it may also add up to 28 percent to your home’s overall value.5

Make it feel inviting.

It’s no secret that emotions play a role in a person’s decision to purchase a home. Stage the outside of your home to evoke warm feelings.

Boost Your Online “Curb Appeal.”

For those interested in selling, it’s important to know the effect online curb appeal has on a home. The better impression your home gives online, the more likely buyers will want to see it in person. Here’s how to get your home ready for its listing debut.

Before you start a home project, keep these four things in mind:

  1. Why are you renovating? In other words, is your intention to update your home and get it show-ready or do you want to sell it for more money? Don’t fall into the trap of undertaking major renovations that may not pay off when you sell. If your home is in good shape, a few inexpensive updates may be enough to make your home attractive to buyers.
  2. The style of the neighborhood. Whenever you renovate your home, make sure the project fits with the style of the neighborhood and rules of the homeowner association. For example, an HOA may limit the choice and number of trees you can plant on your property. Similarly, a tall hedge border may not fit in in a neighborhood of low, picket fences.
  3. Permits. If you’re planning an extensive exterior renovation, you may need a permit from your municipality or other authority.
  4. Budget. A budget keeps your project’s costs and scope in check. Make a list of the improvements you’d like to make, set a realistic budget and stick to it. If you’d like advice on improvements you can make to boost your home’s curb appeal, give us a call.

Are you thinking of boosting your home’s curb appeal or renovating your home before you list? Do you want help making your home more appealing to potential buyers online and in-person? Give Sonja a call at (661) 979-9000 and she’ll help you present your home in its best light.

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While we are making fun of these images, they are real pictures that people actually used in selling their homes.


So my intent is to use this as a teaching point in what not to do!


glass door:

pseudo-stalkers are never a good idea




Clutter is clutter!


Crazy cat lady's kitchen!:

No words, this just speaks for itself!



This is my favorite! If you want more grass to mow, plant a lawn…and get rid of the pool!



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